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The joy of outdoor sofas

Suggest buying an outdoor sofa to the more senior among us, and you may well end up on the receiving end of a look of incredulity and words of confusion: “Outdoor sofa? As in, a sofa that goes outdoors? Do you mean a garden bench?”

Yet, when you think about it, what is more incredulous is the fact that outdoor sofas took so long to appear within the garden furniture industry.  After all, the reason we enjoy spending time outdoors is because we like to feel at one with nature, which in turn offers supreme levels of relaxation second only to...well, those gained from stretching out on the luxurious lengths of a comfy sofa. So, creating sofas from materials that have been especially designed for the outdoors makes perfect sense.
With the emergence of outdoor sofas has come a whole new outlook on outdoor space in general; we are now using our gardens as open-air extensions to our living quarters, and all-weather sofas allow us to create outdoor living rooms in all manner of styles.  Where once the average family would have a couple of plastic garden chairs stacked away in a corner, people are now putting as much time and effort into furnishing the grounds of their homes as they do improving the rooms inside.
What is more, having a large garden is no longer a prerequisite for having quality garden furniture, as many outdoor sofas take up less space than a standard garden table and chairs. The contemporary linear designs of many of the wicker rattan and stainless steel models not only look fantastic, but are extremely practical when it comes to saving space, as they will slot nicely against a garden fence or exterior wall. L-shaped or corner sofas are particularly well suited to those that have a larger family or who like to entertain in the garden but are struggling for room – these luxurious yet affordable items will seat a number of people whilst fitting perfectly into the corner of your outdoor space, leaving any expanse of lawn or patio free to be enjoyed and admired.

Available in a huge range of designs, shapes and sizes, there are outdoor sofas to please everyone. Whether you have a balcony, back yard or country estate is unimportant – in fact, an increasing number of people are using outdoor rattan sofas to furnish rooms inside the home. Rattan wicker is incredibly popular, as these synthetic fibres are weatherproof, long-lasting, and come in a variety of colours, enabling you to create a look for your garden that is as bold or as subtle as you wish. The flexibility of outdoor rattan means it can be woven around a multitude of different frameworks, allowing for an astounding array of designs that include minimalistic, clean lines, extravagant curves or chunky, circular shapes.  For those who prefer a more traditional look, outdoor teak sofas ooze style and class and need little maintenance. Stainless steel sofas have a distinct, modern appearance, and when crafted from marine grade materials will not corrode or rust despite being outdoors.  

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