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Outdoor Sofas

Over the past 20 years we have manufactured and imported luxury garden furniture from South-East Asia. Our collections of outdoor sofas include teak, stainless steel, sling, outdoor wicker and rattan garden sofas.

Outdoor Rattan Sofa and Outdoor Wicker Sofas

Our furniture designers have lots of flexibility when deciding on a design due to the easy nature of manufacturing outdoor rattan sofas. Unlike teak, our craftsmen can weave the fibre around practically any framework.

Our outdoor sofas are available in many colour variations, weave sizes (round weave, flat weave), and weaving style options. This provides you with the choice to pick the perfect colour outdoor sofa for your garden. Our new outdoor sofa collection this year features the new Java brown fibre in 6mm flat weave and Silver grey flat weave rattan.

The entire collection of outdoor rattan sofas are virtually maintenance free

Spring corner outdoor sofa Spring Outdoor Armchair Spring Outdoor Sofa Perth Corner Set Outdoor daybed Outdoor Sofa Mu Lisa Outdoor Sofa Armchair Venice outdoor modular

Outdoor Teak Sofas

Our new outdoor teak sofa collection is now available. The teak used to manufacture this garden furniture is grade A and sourced from (approximately) 90 – 100 year old teak trees. This superb quality aged teak is built to last and comes with a 10 year guarantee. It is not necessary to treat this quality of teak. If you leave your garden sofa to weather it will slowly fade to a silvery grey colour. Many of our clients like this traditional look, however if you prefer to keep your teak garden sofa looking like new then you can treat the wood with teak oil. Currently we do not offer teak corner outdoor sofas.

Linea Linea Linea

Stainless Steel Sofa and Armchairs

Our collection of stainless steel garden sofas are manufactured using the finest quality stainless steel available; 316 marine grade.
Marine grade stainless is used in marine surroundings to ensure rusting and corrosion does not occur. Due to the high salt content in sea water, stainless steel that can survive this environment can certainly survive a home and garden setting.

Our collections of Garden sofas are built to last in all weather conditions.

Mercury Mercury Mercury

Rattan Furniture Rattan Furniture Rattan Furniture

Sunbrella Cushions and Fabric options

In our experience Sunbrella is the best outdoor fabric on the market. Not only does it come in hundreds of colour options (all are available for you), the fabrics are fade and mould resistant and most importantly machine washable.

Garden sofas with Sunbrella fabric cushions are fade proof, water resistant, mould resistant and machine washable.

Sunbrella Brannon Whisper Sunbrella Black Sunbrella Brick Sunbrella Natural
Sunbrella Sky Blue Sunbrella Antique Beige Sunbrella Taupe Sunbrella Paris Red


Modern Outdoor Sofa Trends

Our outdoor sofa collection includes the newest designs and trends of rattan corner sofas, two seat sofas, three seat sofas and matching armchairs, footstools and modular chairs. For the full collection we recommend visiting our showroom located in Brentwood, Essex. The majority of our outdoor sofas are modern with low and square designs, as well as curved funky shapes.

For the 2012 season we are introducing another modular brown weave in the Spring design and a deep seating modular seating in teak.
Throughout the 2011 winter we designed a collection of modular footstools that push up to a sofa, we then manufacture the cushion so that it connects the sofa to the footstool. This outdoor sofa was a success and we now introducing the same idea in soft seating. The advantage of this new design is that it can stay out in all weathers. This unfortunately is not the most cost effective way of manufacturing furniture and is therefore one of our more expensive designs.

Garden Sofas

In the garden furniture industry, the largest trend in recent years is the popularity of garden sofas. Bringing the indoors, outdoors. Outdoor sofa settings have become very popular. Garden sofas of all shapes and sizes, modular or conventional, classic or modern have been featured in design and home magazines in recent years. Many customers are choosing outdoor sofas rather than dining furniture and the garden furniture market has moved quickly with this trend with some suppliers offering dining tables suitable for low seating.

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